The Ultimate Guide To Restaurant Quality Steaks At Home!

We’ve all seen, and have probably eaten, the ½-inch or thinner steaks offered in the meat cooler at most major grocery stores.  While these do present an inexpensive steak option, they are often filled with hard, inedible fat (versus the soft fat that dots well marbled steaks) and large portions of bone.  Equally, the thinness of these steaks means that they will grill extremely quickly, so much so that it is easy to dry them out.
When selecting steaks, the best option for grilling is one that is 1.5-2-inches thick, allowing you to form a nice flavorful crust on the outside while keeping the center moist and tender.  Although it is not always possible to find steaks of this thickness pre-cut at a grocery store, most meat departments will custom cut steaks according to your specifications.  Better yet, find a local butcher who can not only custom cut your steaks, he or she can help you discover different cuts to try during your next cookout.

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Next up in the steak selection process is the actual cut. While there are countless options available for hot-and-fast grilling, the most popular cuts among steak lovers are as follows:

  • Bone-in or boneless ribeye (a personal favorite due to its fat content and flavor);
  • Fillet (an extremely tender cut with virtually no fat);
  • Strip steak (a popular steakhouse cut that lies between a ribeye and fillet in both tenderness and marbling);
  • Porterhouse (a “best-of-both-worlds” cut as it contains both the tenderloin and the strip); and the
  • T-bone (similar to the porterhouse but with a smaller portion of fillet).
  • Because of their popularity (due largely to the fact that they contain muscles that do little work and are therefore much more tender than those that do significant work), these steaks tend to be somewhat pricey but are a worthwhile investment when you’re looking for a true steakhouse experience at home.
    “BUTCHER CUTS” (i.e. Get to know your butcher)
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