Texas Smoked Spares And Baby Back Ribs!

Watch Out The Secret Tricks!

Smoked Spareribs and Baby backs. These are slow smoked at a temp of 225-250 degrees. Take your time, get your fire right and sit and enjoy. We all do ribs differently, and this is my twist on ribs. Time of ribs were around 5 hours and wrapped at the third hour and taken out of the foil around the last hour which is the end of the 4th. I left them in the foil for 45 minutes but it could be an hour or less depending on where you are at in your cooking process and heat control.

Today's Tip : Try to cook your ribs for more than six hours or until they are done at around 225°-240°F. Baby back ribs will take a little lesser time than this. Always keep a spray of mopping liquid ready and keep using it from time to time so that the meat doesn't dry up.

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