Perfect Smoking Times And Temperatures Chart!

​Discovered The Perfect Time & Temperature Guidelines!

The first step on your journey to becoming a master of the pit is knowing exactly what temperature to smoke at, and when to pull your food.

What you can’t tell from watching shows like BBQ Pit Masters, is that even the experts use a good digital meat thermometer to measure the temperature in their smoker, and to know exactly when the meat is at its most tender.

Whether you’re smoking beef brisket, pork butt, fish or sausage, use this chart to know what temperature to smoke at and at what temp your food is cooked at.

We’ve also included an approximate cooking time, but you should always use temperature to determine when the meat is done cooking.

Beef smoking times and temperatures

Smoker TempFinished TempSmoking Time
Beef brisket225-250° F190-205°F12 - 20 hours
Back ribs225-250° F185-190°F3 - 4 hours
Short ribs225-250° F190-200°F6 - 8 hours
Spare ribs225-250° F190 to 203°F5 - 6 hours
Prime rib225-250° F135° F for Medium15 minutes/lb
Chuck roast225-250° F190-200°F12 - 20 hours
Rump roast225-250° F145° F for Well Done30 minutes/lb
Whole ribeye225-250° F135° F for Medium25 minutes/lb
Tenderloin225-250° F130°-140° F2 1/2 to 3 hours
Tri-tip225-250° F130° F to 140° F2 to 3 hours
Sausage225-250° F160° F30 - 60 mins


  • When cooking a Prime rib you can pull off the smoker and finish with a quick stint on the grill or a hot oven to brown the exterior
  • For fresh sausages without cure added you need to cook them at hotter temperatures than sausages with the proper amount of cure

Pork smoking times and temperatures

Smoker TempFinished TempSmoking Time
Pork butt225-250° F205°F1.5 hours/lb
Baby back ribs225-250° F180°F5 hours
Spare ribs225-250° F180-185°F5 - 7 hours
Loin225-250° F145°F4 - 5 hours
Belly Baconless than 100° F140° F6 hours
Whole Hog225-250° F205° F16 - 18 hours
Tenderloin225-250° F160° F2 1/2 - 3 hours
Pork sausage225-250° F165° F1 to 3 hours

Today's Tip : Are you worried about maintaining the right temperature inside your smoker ? Maintaining the optimum temperature inside a smoker is really tricky. Practice and experience is the way to go! Try and find out what works best in your smoker."

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  • The best way to tell when ribs are ready is when the meat pulls cleanly back from the bones.

Lamb smoking times and temperatures

Smoker TempFinished TempSmoking Time
Lamb leg225-250° F140°-150° F4 - 8 hours
Lamb shank225-250° F190° F4 - 5 hours
Lamb shoulder225-250° F170° F5 - 5 1/2 hours
Lamb rack200-225° F135°-140° F1 1/4 hours

Poultry smoking times and temperatures

Smoker TempFinished TempSmoking Time
Chicken whole275°-350° F170° F2 - 3 hours
Chicken quarters275°-350° F170° F1 - 2 hours
Chicken thighs275°-350° F170° F1 1/2 hours
Chicken wings275°-350° F170° F1 1/4 hours
Turkey whole275°-350° F170° F4 - 5 hours
Turkey leg275°-350° F170° F2 to 3 hours
Turkey wings275°-350° F170° F2 - 2 1/2 hours
Turkey breast275°-350° F165° F4 hours
Quail / Pheasant225°F165°F1 hour
Cornish Hens240°F165°F2 hours
Whole duck225°-250° F165°F4 hours


  • For a whole turkey try and stick to a 10 – 14 pound bird. Larger than this and the meat may stay in the danger zone for too long. More Here