Portable And Tabletop Grills

6 Outstanding Portable And Tabletop Grills And Its Usages

Here are a few  BBQ grills suited to the urbanite without expansive yards or bank accounts. Portable and slightly cheaper, these are the grills to take to the beach, park, balcony, fire escape, rooftop or wherever it is you can get outside.
pizzonilifestylegrillpizzonitransportPizzoni Lifestyle Grill     ⇑
For flexible and spontaneous grilling, the Pizzoni Lifestyle Grill is designed with easy transport, assembly and functionality in mind. Made of high quality, non-corrosive materials, it’s easily assembled in less than a minute (no tools needed) and can be packed up and carried away with a convenient shoulder strap.

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briefcasebbqCarry and Go Briefcase BBQ  ⇑
Taking BBQ portability to a new level, this Carry and Go Briefcase BBQ folds out to provide a generous cooking area.bruce  Bruce   ⇑, a clever solution for high–rise living without enough outdoor space for a free–standing grill, has a shape similar to a flower box designed to be hung on the balustrade.
outtimefireplateOuttime Fireplate   ⇑
Made of porcelain, enamel and steel, the Outtime Fireplate mimics a small bonfire.It can in fact function as a conveniently–sized charcoal or wood fire..
pizzaovengrillOutdoor Artisan Pizza Oven   ⇑
The Outdoor Artisan Pizza Oven aims to mimic the stone–lined, arched–roof ovens found in Italian pizzerias.

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cobb-with-foodcobbcookingsystemportable Cobb Grill  ⇑
Award-winning and much acclaimed, the portable Cobb Grill and Cooking System is a veritable classic. Through its convection oven–like design it can grill, bake, smoke or even fry food while keeping it juicy and tender at the same time…..Click Here