Pork Barbecue | Grate Grinds South Carolina BBQ Rub

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1.To use the Grate Grind South Carolina BBQ Rub, evenly spray or rub, a little oil on all sides of your pork butt.  Then grind the rub evenly on all sides of your pork, gently pressing it onto the surface.  The amount of rub you grind on is up to your flavor preference. The more you grind on the more of a flavor impact the rub will have.  Figure 1, below is an example of how much rub to grind onto your pork butt, as a general rule.  You can use either a boneless or bone-in pork butt.  The bone-in will take a little longer to cook, but with this long slow cooking method, it really doesn’t matter.bbq2NOTE: One word of caution, these rubs are self-contained, meaning that they already have salt in them in the proper ratio to the spices and herbs, so don’t overdo it with grinding the rubs or add any additional salt.

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2.  After you have rubbed your meat, refrigerate it and allow your rub to rest on the meat for at least 20 minutes or up to twenty-four hours.
NOTE:  Always buy your meats from a quality reputable stores.  Keep all meat under refrigeration as much as possible during preparation.  Don’t leave any meats out at room temperature for more than 30 minutes, except when you are ready to cook it.  Then let it just reach room temperature prior to cooking, but don’t let time exceed an hour.  Food safe guidelines recommend that any proteins (meats in this case) are not exposed to the “Temperature Danger Zone” (40 F. to 140 F) for more than 4 hours for its entire journey to you cooking it.  We are informing you of these food safety guidelines, because we want you to have a wonderful flavorful safe food experience, every time.
Barbecuing your pork butt is a low heat, slow roasting method and it can be done in a smoker, barbecue grill or even an oven, technically.