Perfect Grilling Solution When There Is No Grill At Hand….

Never Worry Again If You Don’t Have a Working Grill At Hand…Use An Old Flower Pot !!

If you are dying to have grilled food but don’t have access to your Barbecue Grill right away, fear not…for you can create your own makeshift mini Barbecue with just a few which might already be lying in your garage.

Easy Steps to Create Working Barbecue Grill :

1. First thing you need is an old Teracotta pot. Just ensure you clean it properly before use.terracotta1

2. Then what you need is a surface on which you can   o the cooking – any type of metal mesh will serve the purpose.


3.You’ll require to line the inside of your pot with tin foil, make sure the bottom is fully covered.terracotta3

4. Now put inside your charcoal or whatever fuel you are using.

5. Place your metal mesh grill on top after you have lit the charcoal. In a few minutes it will be ready for you to start cooking !!

Watch The Video Below For Step By Step Guidance….