National Champion Chili Recipe!

This One Really Looks Good! 🙂 

World Champion Chili Recipe from the Terlinqua Chili Cook off. This is the championship winning recipe from Brent Allen.

Today's Tip : You may be very tempted to buy an entire list of equipment for your grill. However only a few of them can help you accomplish the job absolutely fine : Tongs, spatulas and forks with long heatproof handles, Soft-bristle brushes with long handle for moping marinades and sauces.Oven mitts to protect your hands, A hard metal brush and scouring pads for cleaning the grill rack. A spray bottle of juice/marinades to moisten the food and prevent drying. A sharp knife. A meat thermometer. Cutting board. A spray bottle of water for precaution, in case there are any flare ups.

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