How To Make Pastirma/Basturma (Cured Beef)!

Discovered The Recipe Of The Traditional Armenian Version Of Basturma!

This is the traditional Armenian version of Basturma, which is based on Pastirma from Turkey.

How To Make Basturma

3-4kg Beef Fillet (scotch Fillet, Tenderloin etc),  Lots Of Salt

Cover and leave in fridge for 4 days, then wash with cold water and soak for 1 hour. then dry and hang in fridge for approximately 2 weeks​.

Chaimen Spice Rub --  See the VIDEO ​

Today's Tip : 1. Always check if the meat is firm when you hold it in your hand. Do not go for a soft and saggy one. 2. Make sure there is no foul odor or smell coming from the meat.

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