How To Make An Outdoor Concrete Fire Pit!

How To Create Concrete Fire Pit For Your Backyard BBQ Party?  

This modern outdoor concrete fire pit is can be built over a single weekend and is great centerpiece for outdoor entertaining. This is not a difficult project but is time consuming and labor intensive. Concrete fireplaces and fire pits should be constructed carefully. When exposed directly to high amounts of heat the moisture trapped inside concrete can expand causing the concrete to crack and in extreme situations explode. I lined the inside of the fire pit with fire brick and filled the bottom with lava rock to ensure that the majority of the heat form the fireplace is not coming in direct contact with the concrete.

Today's Tip : Covered grills come in variety of sizes and are usually round or rectangular in shape. The racks are mostly at a distance of about 6inches from the fire. When the lid is closed it does good job of flavoring the meat with the smoky flavor. There is usually a small adjustable window on top for better regulation of the heat.The kettle style grill is the most popular amongst the covered grills. The lid is dome shaped and comes separate from the grill. It very well circulates the heat inside when covered.While grilling meat, if you want to have crispy outer layer, then the trick is to remove the lid and cook it uncovered towards end of the grilling process.

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