How To Make A BBQ Table From A Used Cable Reel!

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While the summer is here we all like to be outside as much as we can in the evening while the whether is cooler at night and whats better than having an evening BBQ. There’s still plenty of time to squeeze in this little project before you wont to start having BBQ in your yard again. If you’re looking for a great way to finish the season and get a jump on next year, then rejuvenating your grill might be your answer.image

Step 1: Find an Industrial Cable Reel

  1. Once you have found your industrial cable reel, roll it into your workshop and smile.
  2. Reason being: the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Step 2: Sand It Down

  1. I decided to make a "sit/stand around" BBQ/Braai table.
  2. Sand it down and get rid of all the nail heads and ends sticking out.
  3. You might need to replace a few pieces of plank depending on the condition.

Today's Tip : A strong pair of knives, a good brush to clean the grates, skewers, spatula - these are some of the tools that come in absolutely handy while cooking on the smoker. If you are not very sure as to what tools you would need, simply go for a Barbecue Tool Set that is easily available in the market.

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Step 3: Cut a Hole in the Centre

  1. If you have seen one of these before you would know that there are 4 threaded rods running from one end to the other (top to bottom) to hold the reel in place.
  2. You will need to tighten the nuts on these rods for the table to have extra stability.
  3. When you are satisfied with the stability and the smoothness of it you will then need to cut a hole (Circle, hexagon) in the centre.
  4. The hole will have to be within the centre of the threaded rods. In other words the rods will be on the outside of the circumference of the hole.
  5. REMEMBER!!! Before cutting the hole you will need to decide on what size BBQ or Braai you want.
  6. I found that a hole big enough to fit in a 57cm or 22.4in is just perfect. Next Steps