How To Build A Smokehouse

Very Easy & Affordable Smokehouse Sketch– For Your Help !

To make an even more permanent structure—and commitment to the art of smoking—cinder blocks are the way to go. The very affordable Build a Smokehouse book offers the most complete instructions I know for building a cinderblock smokehouse.
Permanent smokehouse can be made of stone, logs, concrete, or wooden framing members, and should be large enough to meet the needs of an average family (usually a 6 x 8 x 8-inch structure). For these buildings, a concrete floor is necessary to protect the house from rodents, with concrete footings set below the frost line to ensure a sturdy, durable structure. The fire pit, located outside the building, is vented through the floor into the smokehouse……

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SR-with-smokehouse-630x407Click Here For Sketch– How To Build With Details