Homemade Charcoal Grill – Propane Tank BBQ!

How To Make A Charcoal Grill!

This homemade grill was made completely from recycled or re-purposed materials. The 30 pound propane tank came from a propane dealer that gives away the tanks that cant be refilled. The pipe is an old post from a basketball backboard. The base is whats left of an old compressor tank. The angle for the side tables came from the scrap yard. The walnut wood came from a tree that blew down on a church that Dwayne and I went and cut up for them. The only thing I bought was the handle,which was two short furniture legs attached together,The high heat paint and the brass screws. Merry Christmas 🙂 

Today's Tip : Landmann and Smoky Hollow are the two popular brands that manufacture Gas smokers. Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain by Landmann come in a variety of sizes and are one of the most popular gas smokers

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