Have you ever tried building your own smoke house ??

Here’s how  a self-professed amateur built his own smokehouse !!

So do you love smoking your own meat ?? Then why not try to make your own smokehouse in your own backyard !! You need very simple materials to do this and you can do it absolutely on your own irrespective of your skill sets. The one we are talking about here has been built by someone who was still a beginner in Masonry and yet could manage to build such a perfect on as you see in the images below. smokehouse6

The greatest advantage of DIY is that you choose your materials from your local market that suits your budget and you can size it and design it to your meet your personalized requirements. You will roughly need the following to start the project:

Bear Claws 1_Green_M


2 x 4 Cedar Wood
Black Stove Pipe
Stove Door
Concrete Blocks
Clay Bricks
Fire Bricks
Fire Clay
Door Hinges
Door Knob
Bolt Lock
2-1/2 inch Deck Screws
Wood Screws
3 pieces 16 Gauge Steal Plates
Metal Mesh

Electric Drill
Power Drill/Driver

Special thanks to www.smokingmeatforums.com for sharing the idea for this project. For step by step guidance, tips and suggestions please visit this link.