What Is The Gourmet Barbecue System And What Accessories Are Available?

New Useful BBQ Accessories Demonstration!

This video features Richard Holden, the Gourmet BBQ chef, and Ian Hodgett, from Hayes Garden World, who explain what the Weber Gourmet Barbecue System (GBS) is and what accessories are available. These accessories can open up a whole new world of BBQ cooking; well away from the traditional burgers and sausages.

Today's Tip : While arranging the briquettes in the firebox, lay single layer of briquettes so that the briquette area is slightly larger than the food area. 5 pounds standard briquettes or 4 pounds of hardwood charcoal lump is the normal quantity of fuel that is required depending on what fuel you choose. If your grilling time goes beyond 30-40min, then you will need to add 5-6 fresh coals every 30min to keep the fire on and maintain the required temperature.

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