How To Fillet A Salmon Or Trout!

Great Instruction On How To Fillet A Fish! 🙂

Buying a whole fish is the perfect way to feed loads of people at once or a great method to save money if you plan to eat it regularly. So Jamie's got some simple methods to cut it and create different portions for any occasion. Don't be scared guys - give it a go! 🙂

Today's Tip : Japanese style iron grills are known as Hibachi grills. These are small in size about 10x15 inches and perfect for small gatherings. Anything that requires direct heat from the grill like chops, steak, etc. can be cooked very well in these types of grills. In order to get the best results out of a Hibachi grill, always place the food pieces as close as possible so that the heat does not escape from the small gaps in between.

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