The Dry-Aged Beef Machine | How I Dry Age Beef At Home!

​Simply Amazing! I Think This Is Pretty Genius!

" I built a Dry-Aged beef Machine inside my Own Fridge and yes I screwed up the guarantee. Worth it." ---- Alex.

From the outside at least, Dry aging beef, It’s just a cooling and drying process in a controlled environment.

There are 2 main reasons for not using your own fridge :

1 . Temperature : opening and closing the door several times a day, make for the least stable temperature ever.

2 . Smell : Even if you do it right, DRY aging beef produce a specific smell, which doesn't smell bad but strong, which will permeate the rest of your food , and vice versa.

Today's Tip : Injecting your meat is real easy….only if you know the tricks of the trade!  - When using an Injector, before you attach the needle to the plunger, always apply some olive oil to the rubber made parts of the injector to ensure that the plunger moves smoothly."

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