Dream Up Your Own Original BBQ Recipes?

Would You Like To Know The Secret of It ?

No… you won’t have to dream up BBQ recipes from scratch.

Why reinvent the wheel, right? I’m talking about taking an existing recipe, and making it your own original recipe. Original doesn’t have to mean completely different either, just unique.
Hello and welcome. This is the place for you to learn how to create your own original recipes. If you want to, though, you can just find a recipe somewhere and use it. That’s OK too.
But if you really love BBQ… keep reading… and take control of your smoking, grilling, and all of your outdoor cooking experiences.

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Some people claim to have an original BBQ recipe because of a “secret ingredient”. Well, if it is unique… then it’s original. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sauce, a rub or a marinade. Whatever the recipe, though, you can give it a unique touch that will make it a secret recipe (that is if you want to keep it a secret).
The beauty of this is that it costs you nothing, assuming that you already have the ingredients. Nothing but a little creativity, time, and of course fun.
What’s in it for me?
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