On Demand Memphis Dry Ribs That You Have Been Craving For !


Authentic Dry Ribs Recipe…Directly From Memphis !!

Here we have a very old style of cooking ribs. A very old and popular one – Memphis Style Ribs ! If you have ever tried Memphis style ribs, you will definitely agree there are a few things about it, that makes it very unique.


Firstly, Memphis ribs are cooked out of Loin Back ribs; the ribs are taken from the loin area of the hog. Whether you want it with the skin on, is absolutely your choice, a lot of the restaurants in Memphis do keep it. But removing it will help the seasoning sit on it better.

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Another unique feature of the Memphis Ribs is its special rub. Memphis Ribs do not have any sauce, it is always a dry rib and is cooked ‘low and slow’. The rub used for this is a Paprika based dry rub. To get an authentic Memphis Ribs you should be using a mixture of sweet and salty flavors in the rub along with the Paprika which will give the desired color to it….Watch The Video On NEXT PAGE To Learn How To Make The Secret Mopping Sauce !!

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