Cowboy Smoked Brisket!

This Is Why I Love Barbecue! So Many Different Versions!

" Now I do my brisket a little different than most folks but it’ll come out tender and juicy. It’s just like skinning a cat, there are a lot of methods for BBQ and how to smoke a brisket and here’s mine. So throw some wood on the fire and let’s get smoking!" -- Kent

Today's Tip : When the brisket is done, use a sharp knife to cut it through the layer of fat that runs through its length. When it is separated into two, slice it across the grains into pieces about half an inch thick.  The juices from the brisket are collected separately and refrigerated for the fat to separate out. When the refrigerated juices are taken out, a full layer of fat is formed on the top. This layer is removed and the rich and flavorful juices are poured on top of the sliced brisket pieces. The brisket is now ready to be served!

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