How To Cook A Whole Calf Over An Open Flame

How To Cook–Step By Step Instructions Given Bellow

For those familiar with Mike Easton in his normal habitat — rolling out hundreds of servings of pasta each day in the kitchen at Seattle’s Il Corvo—it might be a little jarring to see him roasting a whole calf on a steel frame over an open flame. His dish for this year’s Burning Beast event was the polar opposite of the simple but flavorful pastas he turns out daily at his restaurant, but Easton prepared his calf with the same passion and dedication to great taste he applies to all his food. At 1 p.m. on Saturday, with less than 30 hours until a crowd of people descended upon the event, Easton and his crew arrived at Smoke Farm. All that was there to greet them was a flattened area devoid of grass, a stack of cinder blocks, and a sense of excitement in the air.
1.The cooks quickly went to work, digging the hole that would act as a fire pit for the cooking process.

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07302013-261199-burning-beast-digging-hole2. The setup for where the beast would hang.07302013-261199-burning-beast-set-up
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