Competition Level Smoked Beef Ribs [Video]

Exclusive Smoked Beef Recipe For Competition

Everything is big in Texas! Or at least that saying holds true when we’re talking about smoked Beef Ribs.
These ribs were made famous in bbq joints of Central Texas. There pitmasters slow smoke these goliaths over post oak wood for long hours until the meat is soft as butter. One succulent bone will set you back nearly $30 bucks, but I promise you it’s worth every penny. This week I’m going to share with you how to duplicate these Dino Bones right in your own backyard.beefribs_7_640First thing you need to know is exactly what is a “Dino Beef Rib”. These ribs come from the Short Plate section of a cow’s rib cage and they’re typically found cut into smaller portions and sold as beef short ribs.

How to prepare this most delicious beef ribs with a new method ?

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