How To Butcher A Whole Loin Of Venison!

Wow! This Is Fantastic Way To Butchering A Loin Of Venison!

Loin Of Venison. An in depth video on butchering a whole loin of venison.The loin is cut in a way to get a higher yield from the carcass and more usable cuts, comprising of Venison chops, rib roasts, loin fillet/backstrap steaks, venison lollipops, diced venison and trim for mince/grinding or sausages, burgers or meatballs.You will be surprised how much can be gotten from one primal cut of venison.

Today's Tip : Using a Meat Thermometer is a very easy way of determining the exact temperature inside the meat. When doing it without a thermometer, a few degrees up an down can make a lot of difference to the cooking. Digital probe thermometers are the most convenient to use.

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