How To Butcher A Pig At Home Just Like Any Professional Butcher?

The Ultimate Pig Butchery Guide!

This is a video showing how to Butcher A Pig,showing the whole cutting process from start to finish.A very detailed and close up, film on how to process a fantastic English Pig,to achieve all the Cuts Of Pork, used in a Butchers shop.

Today's Tip : What you should ask yourself before buying a smoker? " 1. When you are just starting out, Charcoal smokers are the best option to go with. They are comparatively less expensive and will help you learn the basic techniques of smoking without burning a big hole in the pocket. 2. One more option is to use horizontal offset style of smoker. This smoker comes with a large area for smoking and also has a firebox attached adjacent to the cooking chamber. This is a very good smoker, however, the fire box may turn extremely hot and you will probably have to shift the meat to cooler end of it or make some other modification to accommodate this. Brinkmann Smoke n' Pit is one of this type of Smoker.

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