Beef Back Ribs (aka dino bones)!

Adam Perry Lang's Process Produced The Best Beef Ribs! Learned From Here!

Today I tried making them using Adam Perry Lang's higher temp method in his recent book, BBQ 25 Tons of thanks to White TrashBBQ for hosting the giveaway that put this book in my paws.

Even though it was a higher temp cook than traditional low and slow, I still sported wood. I buried a nice chunk of cherry wood at the bottom of the coals and set one on top. Fruit woods like cherry and apple give more color to your meat.

Of course, I made my alterations to the rubs and seasonings but his process produced the best beef ribs we have had so far.

Today's Tip : When you do not have a very large smoker, go for charcoal as the main fuel and add wood chips/chunks/etc. for the smoke flavor

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Watch Out The Full Recipe Here [ Video ]