BBQ Rib Recipe: Aaron Franklin Reveals BBQ Rib Secrets

How To Create Great Ribs Every Time With Franklin’s Recipe And Technique ?

BBQ ribs are one of my favorite cuts to smoke. Between the shorter cook times and easy prep you can have great smoked ribs on your table in no time. Aaron Franklin’s BBQ rib recipe provides a great method to prepare awesome ribs every time.
While there’s no set path to the perfect rack of smoked ribs it can be a lot of fun trying to different methods. From long cooks, slow and low to warmer grill and smoke techniques there’s a lot of versatility in making BBQ ribs. Two things that are essential for me is a great rub and smoke. If you’re using a gas grill to BBQ you’re ribs. YOU AIN’T Q-ING! You’re grilling. I don’t care what your wood chip smoke box tells you. I’ve had great ribs off of a gas grill but let’s not call it BBQ?
Check out the great video with Aaron Franklin demonstrating how to create great ribs every time with his recipe and technique. The video bellow shows how to cut, trim and prepare your ribs for the smoker.

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