BBQ Area Makeover! DIY Project!

Outstanding Idea -- See  How To Change Your BBQ Area! 

Jason is working over an old BBQ area that needs a new lease on life. With a spruce up this tired space will be a great new entertainment zone that will have dad cooking up sizzling treats all summer long.

Today's Tip : You must try these easy methods to build your fire -- " Try the ‘Upside Down’ method of fire starting by placing 3 pieces of 4 inch diameter logs side by side and tied together. Then place another 3 slightly smaller logs of around 2-3inch diameter side by side and tied together on this but perpendicular to the first layer. Place another row of even smaller logs of about 1 inch diameter tied together and perpendicular to the previous layer. Place a folded newspaper on top of the last layer of logs and put the kindling on top of that and light it. The fire will start slowly and catch layer by layer and will keep going down."

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​Source : Great Home Ideas