Barbecue Food Of The Enslaved (18th & 19th-Century)

Historic Foods Of The Enslaved African Community Of North America!

We recently had the privilege to visit Gunston Hall in Mason Neck, VA. While we were there, we met Michael Twitty, an historical interpreter and culinary historian who specializes in food of the African-American community from enslavement in the mid-18th century to post-reconstruction in the mid to late 19th century. In this video, Michael grills beef ribs and prepares two sauces: an 18th-century style vinegar mop, and a more complex 19th-century style BBQ sauce.

Today's Tip : Things that you did not know about Ribs -- " 1. If you are looking for low fat ribs and quicker cooking time, baby back ribs are the way to go. 2. Whether it is spare ribs or baby back ribs, always remember to remove the thick skin from bone side before smoking them."

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