4 Things You Did Not Know You Could Grill


You Can Grill A lot More Than Just Beef

You can grill almost everything on the grill, only if you have the knowledge of the time and temperature required for each. The list could go on to include fruits, various vegetables, not so popular cuts of meat, thin crust pizza.

Grill Your Veggies

While you must have heard and known about grilling peppers, egg plant, tomatoes on the grill. Here are few secret hacks you can try with your veggies on the grill.

 “Take an entire head of garlic, slice off the top quarter, drizzle with some olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper, wrap in aluminum foil and roast the packet on the barbecue for just under an hour. A luscious garlic paste will ooze out when you squeeze it making it a great condiment to top burgers, mix into barbecued vegetables or simply spread on a toasted chunk of bread.

 As for cheese, skewer pieces of Cypriot halloumi or Indian paneer and grill lightly with a few cherry tomatoes sliced in half. Season with olive oil, oregano and salt and pepper, and you’ve got a great appetizer.”

Meat Mania

 While you have a whole lot of variety of meat cut available in the market which are very popular for grilling and bbq, there several beef cuts much less familiar but can be equally flavorful and easy on the pocket at the same time.

 “For example, from the animal’s abdomen at the bottom of the ribs, skirt steak should be grilled quickly to nothing over medium wellness on a very hot grill, rested for 10 minutes and sliced against the grain. It can have an intense meaty flavour. It’s the same with a sirloin cut called tri-tip, which is perfect for cooking on skewers in kabob style. Better specialty butcher shops will likely carry these cuts.”

 “If chicken is your game, spatchcock one: cut out the back bone of a whole bird and nip and tuck until the critter is connected up around its shoulders. Then can open and close like a book. Oil very lightly and season as you like before grilling over a medium to low heat, turning it once. This method creates more and thinner surface area for quick and thorough cooking with lots of delicious brown and crispy bits.”

 “A lobster tail cut in half along its length and grilled is even more delicious on the grill because no water enters the shell and dilutes the flavour compared with when you boil it. Season the lobster meat with some oil, add some salt and pepper and place it meat-side down on a medium to high heat grill and cook it for about seven minutes or so. Flip it over and char the shell side for a few more minutes. Serve with melted butter, of course.”

 Barbecue Pizza

pizzagrill-300x165Image Source

Pre-made dough is super easy and is usually tastier than what you can make on your own with those little yeast packets that have been in your cabinet too long. Your Pizza will be only as good as the dough you use. There are few key things to remember that at the very high temperature, your ;pizza will take only 2-5 minutes to cook, so accordingly you must adjust the heat; your Pizza will be much thinner and crispier; and one very important thing to remember is that the bottom of the bread will become the top of the Pizza.

Grill Your Fruits

 “The usual barbecued fruit selections are the harder stone ones such as peaches and apricots, along with pears and apples. However, experiment with cooking different fruits, such as figs. It’s a good idea to select fruit that is not fully ripe. They also really benefit from spending some time in a liquor-laced marinade or a drizzling of honey before hitting a medium to low heat grill.”Grilled-PeachesImage Source

You have variety of options here, you can cut a banana into halves and drizzle with butter and brown sugar and out on the grill, if you want something out of the ordinary then try figs. You can even give a try to apple, peaches and strawberries. All these can be used to make your perfect summer desserts or even in your appetizers.Grilled-FigsImage Source

So Go Ahead and Experiment…Happy Grilling !!

Source : www.cbc.ca/news