16 Best BBQ Meat Boxes

Feast On The Finest Cuts Of Meat Delivered Directly To Your Home

BBQ season is finally here. No time to go out and buy the meat? Or not sure you really want supermarket meat anyway? Why not choose a mixed selection of great quality meats online to be delivered straight to your door? Whether you want a small box of sausages and burgers or a luxury box of steaks and marinated goodies to feed all the neighbours, read on to find out the best barbecue meat boxes available this season.

1. Eversfield Organic BBQ Box: Eversfield Organic

​This box uses organic meat reared on and around the 45-acre Eversfield Farm in Devon, set on the edge of Dartmoor National Park. All the beef (burgers) and lamb (cutlets) come from animals grass-fed for life, while the pork used in the sausages comes from pigs allowed to roam freely around the farm. The chicken (spicy wings, plus thighs and drumsticks) is free-range and corn-fed. We found it full of flavour and lacking the unwelcome water content of supermarket equivalents.

2. Park Farm BBQ Meat Bundle: Farmdrop

​Here’s one that will keep a hungry family quiet. You get six each of burgers, sausages, lamb riblets and pork ribs from the Clarke family’s Sussex cows, Romney sheep and Berkshire pigs. The herds are predominantly raised on the Kent-based farm on traditional grasses, which they say is a method that results in lean, flavoursome meat – we can vouch for that. We particularly liked the aromatic mint and rosemary glaze on the lamb riblets, which made a change from having to come up with a marinade ourselves.

3. Abel & Cole Brilliant Organic Barbeque Box, Large: Abel & Cole

​Abel and Cole’s known for its organic veg boxes, but its meat boxes are well worth a look. This one has more variety than some out there and everything is really succulent and tasty. As well as four burgers and eight gluten-free chipolatas , you get four minute steaks and organic chicken breast as well as a generous pack of pork belly strips. We had the burgers and sausages one night and then whipped up some super-quick steak sandwiches the next, along with the pork belly strips, which we dried out overnight then barbecued with a brushed over-marinade. There’s also a smaller BBQ box available for £15 with sausages, burgers and chicken thighs and drumsticks, feeding three-four.

4. The Hampstead Butcher Barbecue Feast Box: The Hampstead Butcher

​This meat box comes packed full of British, traditional breed, free-range, fresh and ethically reared meats – two T-Bone steaks, four spatchcooked poussin chickens, eight homemade lamb kofte kebabs, eight Blyburgh pork belly spare ribs from Suffolk, four homemade steak burgers and 12 homemade Cumberland sausages. The taste is a cut above the rest, with particularly delicious burgers and steaks. The meat is vacuum packed, which makes it last and it freezes well if you aren’t ready to eat it all in one go.

5. Rhug Organic BBQ Meat Box: Rhug

​The meat in this box – lamb burgers, cutlets and kebabs, beef burgers, hot n spicy pork belly slices, sweet chilli chicken wings, hot n spicy drumsticks and pork sausages – all comes from Lord Newborough farms in North Wales, which are fully organic and supply to over 20 Michelin starred restaurants in the UK and Far East. You can see why when you take your first bite – the flavour is much more meaty than most, whilst the texture is moist.

6. Allens of Mayfair Cabrito Goat BBQ Box: Allens of Mayfair

​Kid goats are a similar size to a spring lamb and have a delicate, sweet and musky flavour, which is why the guys at this top butcher have used pure goat in their barbecue box. The meat takes well to punchy flavourings such as Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern herbs, spices, and rubs, although it’s also good plainly barbecued – hence their mixture of butterflied shoulder with Italian herb rub, diced leg with Tandoori rub, plus two leg steaks and a pack of sausages. Goat is healthy too – much lower in fat than beef or pork, rich in potassium and has twice as much iron as beef.

​7. Newboulds Deluxe Large BBQ Meat Box: Newboulds

​With an impressive 16 succulent sirloin steaks, the same number of tasty lamb kebabs and 14 exceptionally thick and juicy pork sausages, your barbecue will be the talk of town with this luxury pack. Too plain? These guys will add a marinade to the kebabs free of charge – testament to their excellent customer service. All meat comes from parent company Country Valley Foods, which supplies locally sourced meat raised in North Yorkshire and Durham, to some of the UK’s top restaurants.

​8. Donald Russell Deluxe BBQ Variety Selection: Donald Russell

​This is a lot to spend on a barbecue, but this butcher has a royal warrant and sells some of the most delicious and finest cuts of meat you’ll ever taste. Plus, there’s plenty of it. Includes a range of melt-in-your mouth steaks, Barnsley chops, marinated pork chops, spiced lam koftas, sticky pork ribs, handmade burgers, sausages and seasoning. Expect your guests to ask where on earth you got the meat from – it’s that good. Click Here To See Another 8 Meat Boxes & How To Buy Them 

Today's Tip : For smoking a Brisket, the best option is to go for the packer cut which has a good amount of fat on top and together the point and flat remains unaltered by the butcher.

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